• St Clair Carrier, Oakdale South

    Wastewater Carriers

  • Client:Goodman Property/Burton
  • Value:$4 Million
  • Jonishan were contracted to construct the sewer works stages 1 & 2 by Burton Contractors for Goodman Property Services in the new estate at Oakdale South. The project required a high level of co-ordination due to multiple design changes. The project included thrustbore/microtunnelling and preparation of the flow management plan.

    The total projecrt required excavation, supply, lay and bedding of over 2km using DN225/300 UPVC, DN225/300 PP & DN375/450 GRP. Stage 1 required 582m of thrustbore/microtunnelling. Jonishan supplied and installe 33 x manholes and 2 x vent shafts. Concrete encasing including drainage aggline and sock for 96m as well as flow gauging.

    Stage 2 included constructiuon of an access track, supply & install of 13 manholes. Jonishan also managed the geotechnical testing, survey control, sediment control/prep of sediment control plan, ground water control, establishment of site compounds, material storage areas and the construction corridor.