• Elara Precinct 4, Riverstone

    Sewer Reticulation Stages 24, 25, 26

  • Client:Western Earthmoving
  • Value:$1.2 Million
  • The Elara Precinct 4 Sewer Reticulation project is just one of many sewer & water projects Jonishan has completed for Western Earthmoving. Stages 24, 25 & 26 were located at Richmond Rd, Riverstone.

    Works included pipe installation of 4603m at a depth of up to 7.5m requiring substantial shoring for protection. The project involved excavation, backfill, compaction and restoration. Jonishan supplied, bed and lay pipes DN150/225 PVC. Construction by Jonishan included sand cement backfill on road crossings, 38 x bulkheads, 44 x maintenance holes and 40 drop junctions. Supply & install of 25 terminal maintenance shafts. Acceptance testing and connection to existing mains.